A Permanent Cultural Shift

At UpperKid, we are committed to making the changes needed to weave diversity, equity, and inclusion into every aspect of our business, making UpperKid a great place to work while representing the communities we serve. We are building on our rich heritage and dedication to our associates and customers, with intentional action around DEI to drive for continuous improvement.

Our mission is to drive a permanent cultural shift at UpperKid—working from the inside out—to prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion on behalf of our UpperKid communities and families.



UpperKid Impact

UpperKid Impact is an internal collective established by a group of passionate UpperKid associates who discovered a shared sense of deep concern and motivation to drive positive change, within UpperKid and our greater community. We recognize and own the ongoing challenges and opportunities that come with our efforts to make UpperKid more diverse, equitable, and inclusive.

UpperKid is all about helping children to be comfortable and safe in their clothes, but now it is time to ask: how can we help them to be comfortable and safe in their own skin? We are committed to making an impact within our team and for all families—today, tomorrow, and forever.